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Andrew Landry had some interesting scores during the US Open: the first round of 66 points, 71-70 in his middle rounds, and T-15 with 8-over 78.

“I obviously didn’t play the way I would have liked to play today,” Landry said. “I felt like on the back nine I hit it better, but I just didn’t make any putts all day.”

Landry had to play in bad weather conditions, which made him battle through the rain. In fact, the weather didn’t appease the fans as well, with only a few of them making it to the event.

Andrew did his best to master the game, but his putting betrayed him in the final round. He only managed to hit five fairways after missing the 37 putts that he needed.  Commenting after the match, Laundry said that he missed a lot of shots but was optimistic during the competition.  He hopes that this experience will help him do even better in the future.

This was the first time Landry was playing the PGA category in the final stage. Many fans who attended the event were happy to watch him play. Do you think Landry’s career is about to skyrocket soon? Leave your opinion by sharing the article and commenting and stay tuned to the world of sports with more posts like 7 biggest NASCAR stories of 2016 and Samir Nasri losing his car.