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Kids, right? One minute they are riding their bikes around town, sipping juice boxes, and the next they are managing to sneak into a Las Vegas press conference for the upcoming UFC 189 between Chad Mendes and Conor McGregor, just to ask the latter if he would rip Mendes’ head off.

While that sentence seems like something you would see scribbled on a wall at the nut ward, it actually happened. This is probably the cutest moment involving a bloodthirsty child ever.

This is the first time that Conor has ever been speechless at a press conference. Even Mendes didn’t have anything to say. Just a few short moments later, a woman grabbed the microphone and asked Mendes and McGregor about their sex lives. Which both were happy to talk about.

July 11 is when UFC 189 will happen. The kid was probably just curious about the whole head-ripping business. It’s not every day that you get to hear a question like that! Now the viral video is hitting the net, and everyone is rooting for McGregor. Are you of the same mind? Share the post with your friends to discuss and read on about why Obama is quitting basketball and how you can get a yellow card for farting.