//A Golfer to a Golfer: John Daly Supports Tiger Woods with Advice on DUI · Golf · RumorsLeague. Red Hot Sports Rumors

After all this time, famous golf player John Daly shows his support for Tiger Woods. Daly says Woods shouldn’t be concerned with critics’ remarks about his latest DUI issue. It’s better for Woods to just return on the golf course, states Daly.

As you may remember, John Daly himself had major booze problems in the past. TMZ Sports talked to the famous golfer who shared his valuable and sincere advice to Tiger Woods on how to keep clear of DUIs.

In spite of alcohol issues, we should give him some credit because Daly has never been arrested for DUI. However, golfer admits that he feels sympathy and totally understands people who make mistakes under the destructive influence of the alcohol or pills.

Kudos for John Daly for battling the booze! We just hope Tiger Woods will feel better with advice and empathy from him.